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        Teaching grammar may be a more tedious element of being an English teacher. But the TEFL course can help you solve it; this is not necessarily a laborious and frustrating experience. Here are some methods in TEFL courses that can enliven grammar classes and make everyone find it more interesting. Students and teachers are the same.

        The first thing you need to do is to understand it properly by yourself before you start teaching grammar. There are some ways to help you in the TEFL course. Although it sounds simple, it is harder than you think. Don't just look at the gerunds or the rules of the past complete progress; study your examples and exercises, and look for exceptions to make sure you are not caught off guard by a curious student. Familiarity with grammar will also give you the confidence you need to teach courses eloquently and effectively.

        Keep it short, clear and simple

        Even if you get a TEFL certificate and become a more advanced teacher, keep your explanations and examples short and easy to understand. Use basic vocabulary and basic verbs that students are already familiar with to ensure they are not unnecessarily confused. "When I was reasoning, a puzzling idea appeared in my mind." A sentence like this is redundant when teaching grammar, while a sentence like "I was watching TV when the phone rang" It's totally enough.



        Limit interpretation time

        This is actually a key point in TEFL English teaching, but it is especially true in terms of grammar teaching. Although it may be tempting to provide a long explanation, it is actually more effective to give students more time to practice and develop this structure in their own minds when speaking or writing. This is not to say that you should be in a hurry, but after making a clear explanation, don't worry about being confused, start an activity and let them practice the skills you need to learn the language.

        Repeated practice

        This seems to be an obvious point. There are corresponding teaching methods in TEFL courses. As a teacher, it is very important not to set your expectations too high. The first time you introduce a new grammar point, students may not be able to master it. This is no problem. Most of the grammar points will be reintroduced at a later stage. The first introduction is more an introduction than an opportunity to master skills. For important grammar points, you can also use them in other courses. If you are taking a writing class, focus on the grammar points you learned in the previous class to reiterate and consolidate their knowledge.

        TEFL courses have many meaningful teaching methods that can make your students fall in love with learning English, and can really bring them knowledge through your class.

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