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        There are many different points of view behind the various teaching methods used in English classes, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. You may be familiar with the general method of lesson planning, the use of grammatical sentences, which is a popular lesson method over the years. A new idea that has recently emerged is the TEFL Flip Classroom. Now let's see what a flipped classroom is and why you want or don't want to try it.

        TEFL flipped classroom is basically a classroom where students do a lot of work at home. TEFL classroom time is used for questioning, discussion and teaching methods. In other words, it subverts what we usually think of as the classroom format: watching lectures or videos in class time, reading texts or doing research at home, and doing activities or exercises. The content of the course is taught by students at home, and the course is used to consolidate and demonstrate some new knowledge.


        Flipped classroom originally started in mainstream schools, but it can be easily adapted to TEFL classrooms. Basically, the homework you usually give can be done in class, but your students need to be prepared at home. More specifically, let students read or listen to texts at home and use these texts as a source of discussion in class. Ask students to read grammar reference materials to do homework, and then spend time in class doing exercises.

        The benefits of this approach are many. Students can process materials at home at their own speed, so that TEFL course teachers will not have to deal with students who read or work at different speeds. This helps to alleviate some problems of students of different levels in the same class. It also allows students to process the material the way they want, without specifying how much time they should spend or how to focus on the material. This way, students have time to consider the material and ask any questions they may have.

        Therefore, the teacher can help solve the actual problems and difficulties that students may encounter at home, instead of being clumsy when the students are reading the text, more time can be spent on explaining and consolidating. In addition, students can be asked to do research or prepare tasks to be completed in class, so the time in TEFL class can be used to talk with other students, or solve problems or discuss a topic with the teacher.

        In general, although some teachers may find this method more difficult than beneficial, this method has many advantages. Friends can apply for the TEFL certificate, feel the atmosphere of the TEFL flipped classroom, and better apply it to their own teaching. middle.

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