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        Vocabulary teaching in TEFL teaching is also quite meaningful. If grammar is often considered to be the most complicated aspect of language learning, then vocabularycan be considered Mount Everest; you can speak without grammar, but you cannot speak without vocabulary. Without words, you have no language. When we teach students, we need to remember this because we need to spend time learning vocabulary, not just grammar. Here, we look at how TEFL teaching teaches students vocabulary so that they can remember.

        Teaching vocabulary in context

        The first thing to remember is that words are best learned in context. In other words, use a context or situation to introduce words to your students. Through this method in the TESOL course, your students will get a model of the language they are using, so they can better understand how to use the words themselves. Context provides students with a lot of information about words, and does not require much explanation.


        Repetition Is the Key

        In TEFL teaching, learning new words requires learning the form, meaning and usage of words, which is not always a simple matter. This means that before a learner can use a word effectively, it is necessary to encounter it many times. Recognizing and understanding a word is one thing, but using it appropriately is another thingentirely, so we need to expose students to as many new words as possible to help them stick to it. This can be done by reviewing games and homework activities.

        Play Games

        All English learners like games, and good games can make learning easier. TEFL courses will be given to friends with many small games, and everyone can apply them to their own teaching appropriately. What you have learned in previous courses using game vocabulary will naturally be repeated into the classroom to make the language more memorable. In addition, using games is a good way for students to review without realizing they are studying.

        Use Translation

        Translation can be an efficient tool for memorizing new words. Through translation, learners can immediately understand the meaning of words without trying to understand the explanation in English. On the contrary, the meaning is clear to them, so they can focus more on form and usage. Translation does not have to be limitedto beginners; it is very helpful for learners of all levels.

        Help Your Students Be Organized

        Sometimes our English students are those who haven't entered the classroom for a long time, or those who don't have the best study habits. TEFL courses have different teaching methods for various groups of people. Encourage your students to keep vocabulary notebooks and share learning ideas and skills, which will help ensure that your students do homework and study outside of the classroom.

        Learning the vocabulary of a language is a challenging idea for our English students, but through the study of TEFL courses, we will find that we have some ways to help them. Using these skills will speed up the learning process of students, thereby enhancing their motivation and desire for learning.

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