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        You may remember tongue twisters when you were a child. You may want to know how tongue twisters are related to English classes. TEFL tells you that you may be surprised to realize that tongue twisters actually have a very preaching purpose; even though it may be very difficult to try tongue twisters. Interesting, but they are great tools that can help with pronunciation and speech difficulties. So tongue twisters are as useful to children as adults. By quickly searching the Internet, you will find a million different tongue twisters, but there are some things to consider before challenging your learners.

        First of all, which tongue twisters should you use? TEFL classes will teach you a lot of interesting little knowledge. To choose tongue twisters can be done by considering specific pronunciations. By helping your students deconstruct and practice tongue twisters, you will help them realize why these special sounds are problematic and how to deal with them.


        Then, you need to decide how to use tongue twisters in your English class. In TEFL courses, you can choose to find a variety of different tongue twisters related to the same pronunciation difficulty, and then you can use them in a variety of games and activities. This is more enjoyable than simply letting students repeat tongue twisters endlessly, such as:

        Running dictation: Print and put up tongue twisters in the classroom. A student is a runner, running around memorizing tongue twisters, and then they must repeat it to their partner, the scribe. Students can take turns to be runners and scribes.

        Voice transmission by phone: Talk tongue twister to one student, and then he must say tongue twister to the next student, until the "message" reaches the last student in the class-maybe not in the original form, but a good way to provide related sound practice .

        Chain game: The whole class speaks a tongue twister, and each student only speaks one word. This situation continued until the whole tongue twister was finished. If the student makes a mistake, tongue twisters must start over. When it is done right, it can be done again, faster.

        Bringing pronunciation into the TEFL classroom in a pleasant way can be tricky. Tongue twisters provide us with such an opportunity, because they are a good way to practice problematic sounds, and they can make your tongue very interesting. There are many similar teaching methods in TESOL classes. Come and sign up!

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