Random Activities in TEFL Class

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        No matter how well prepared and experienced, sometimes things just don't go according to plan. The unprepared activities in the TEFL class are worth learning. Maybe your 20-minute activity lasted only 5 minutes, maybe you left the activity at home or maybe you were asked to replace the teacher who took sick leave at the last minute-sadly, all of this These are very real situations in foreign language classes. In these situations, what you need to do is to make sure that you have a few simple unprepared activities that you can use at any time.

        This event is super simple and very attractive. You will be surprised that your students don't have much time to talk about anything they want to talk about without any restrictions, and students seem to like TEFL for this reason. Another benefit of this activity is that it can be manipulated for a long time as long as you need it.


        It's very simple. Ask your students to write down a set of questions—any questions, as long as their classmates can answer them, that is, personal or opinion questions. Each of their classmates needs one question. If there are 6 students in the TEFL small class, then they need 5 questions-they don't need it themselves. They must number the question. Then on a piece of paper, they need to write down the numbers again and assign a student's name to each number. This is the number of questions they need to ask that person.

        For example, if a certain classmate is the fifth place on my test paper, and my question 5 is, where is the most beautiful place you have been to? Then this is the question I want to ask him.

        Monitor as they write the questions to make sure they are grammatically correct and appropriate. Once this is done, let them mix and ask each student their questions. Monitor again and write down any useful language-good or bad. Let students talk for as long as they want; usually students walk at their own pace and can organize themselves appropriately.

        Once they are done, write down examples of good language use and any errors. Finally, students can report to the class any interesting information they find about their buddies.

        The activity of letting our students walk around and chatting with different students in the class will definitely be a winner. The TEFL activity is effective because students generate content themselves and can freely complete this task according to their own wishes. Teachers can guide activities and use them for language emphasis. None of this is prepared.

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