How to Correct Writing Errors in TEFL Class

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        Writing in English is difficult for your students to learn, and difficult for you to teach. Usually the teacher will receive a student’s composition and don’t even know where to start to correct it. TEFL's different teaching methods help our students understand their mistakes and where they went wrong.

        What do we do?

        The first thing to do is to put down the red pen and think about your correction goals before you start highlighting errors and adding corrections. You cannot correct every mistake in every article, so TEFL teaches you to consider whether you want to correct spelling, sentence structure, grammatical accuracy, or linking methods. Being clear about what you want to correct means fewer corrections for you and fewer scarlet letters for your students.


        Create a code for your correction so you don’t need to spell it out every time. Create a set of symbols that your students will understand so that when they see the symbol, they will know what the problem is, but you don't necessarily have to show them how to correct it. There are specific teaching in the TEFL course.

        Once you have established a set of symbols, use them in your corrections or post a copy on the classroom wall. Your students will soon know the meaning of these symbols, and you don’t have to explain them, which will help you save time when marking.

        When making the mark, remember that students come from different backgrounds, so you may have to start from scratch. This may mean that their writing may be very scribbled, and the letters may look a little strange, but this is most likely because they need more practice. When reviewing and writing, try not to focus on this aspect of your writing.

        TEFL’s classroom atmosphere helps you learn and teach better, become a better teacher, and make your students fall in love with your English class. Come and sign up!

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