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        Essentially, the time your students spend talking in the classroom should be maximized, and the time the teacher spends talking should be kept to a minimum. More time in TEFL courses requires students to discuss, of course, this should not come at the expense of students' understanding, and inevitably, when explaining a complex grammar point, you may take longer to explain. Although it's worth noting that students generally understand better when they start using the language themselves. After all, practice makes perfect. TEFL courses have some great ways to help you maximize your student conversation time:

        20/80 Lesson Plan

        When planning your lessons, make sure the teacher's speaking time is limited to about 20% of the lesson. This means preparing clear instructions and examples so you don't get lost in your explanation and end up talking too long. It also means making sure you plan enough activities to fill the rest of the time.


        Never Believe They're Done

        When you set up a speaking engagement, students tend to talk to as few people as possible and then tell you they're done. Your job as a teacher is to make sure they keep speaking as long as the activity is planned. You can always add a little more if they look tired. Learning to talk about their futures in a TEFL course, allowing them to pretend to be a famous celebrity expands the activity in a fun way.

        Think, Pair and Share

        These three words should be the guideline for every activity you do in class after you pass TEFL. From grading assignments, textbook activities, and even other speaking engagements, you can always get them to share their thoughts, answers, and experiences in pairs before sharing with a small group. It's a great way to get them to talk more, even if that class doesn't particularly emphasize talking.

        Here are three easy ways to generate conversation and student talking time in every lesson, of course there are many other ways in TEFL lessons to facilitate this, remember the more they talk, the easier it is for the teacher and the more the student learns .

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