Lesson plans in TESOL English Teaching

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Teaching plan is a guiding document created by TEFL teachers for the specific learning objectives of target learners. It is essential for every young student, whether they are young teachers or business students. Lesson plans are necessary because they are guided plans, visual and written documents of work, and historical records.


1. Demand analysis

Lesson plans are instructional plans created for specific students. It starts with learning goals. What do you want your TEFL learners to learn at the end of the TEFL course? Once you set a goal, you can start building your address from that point.

A lesson plan will allow you to focus on the expectations of you as a TEFL teacher and TEFL learners who are learning goals. This will help you prepare a solution before the problem occurs. As a TEFL teacher, you can also set your goals and what you want to accomplish in class. This can be anything, such as successfully using a specific TEFL teaching method.

2. Flexibility

Even in a class, the lesson plan is constantly changing. That is why they are a working paper. When you create a TEFL course plan, you have planned the steps, but as mentioned above, this is only a guide. You must learn to be flexible in class. This can be changed based on TEFL learners' participation and input.

This is not to ensure that you finish everything within the time you set for the lesson plan. It is about ensuring TEFL learners succeed in learning the learning objectives outlined in the TEFL curriculum plan. If an activity takes longer than expected, or TEFL learners are busy asking questions, this is an acceptable adjustment to your work lesson plan. This is not to say that you should never stick to your lesson plan - the paper says it can be adjusted.

If the allocated time does not allow all the requirements in the TEFL course plan to be met, the planned activities can be permanently moved to the next course. It is also a visual cue for TEFL teachers to ensure that they adhere to the task and do not deviate too far from their learning goals.


3. Future thinking record

Finally, lesson plans are historical records. It can be a detailed record of what has been learned and the activities and materials used in TEFL class. If for some reason you can't be in the classroom all day, it can also be used as a substitute teacher's Guide. This is why the teaching plan should be simple, clear and concise. Substitute teachers should only get the materials and lesson plans needed for teaching.

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Lesson preparation is necessary for every TEFL teacher. This is a useful guide to make sure you know your learning goals, what materials you use to teach that learning goal, and questions. It provides TEFL teachers with an intuitive representation of what they should teach to complete the task, and is a historical record of what has been introduced in TEFL class. This is why lesson plans are essential in all teaching situations.

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