Teaching vocabulary may seem like a long road, so it can be helpful to consider different aspects of vocabulary teaching and break it down into smaller pieces for your students. Here we'll ...
Applying for the TEFL certificate and becoming an international English teacher seems like a very interesting job as a foreign English teacher, chatting with students from all over the wor...
Advanced TEFL courses are aimed at middle and high school students as well as adults, and learning your first language is not a conscious decision. As a baby, you are exposed to languages f...
Being a teacher is more than just teaching. Being a teacher means preparing lessons, delivering lessons, evaluating your students, and generally creating the best learning environment for o...
Learning the vocabulary of a language can be a daunting task. Come to think of it, there are literally hundreds of thousands of words in English. More importantly, to really understand a wo...
For most of us, the thought of English grammar is enough to make us shudder. Even to most experienced English teachers there are aspects of English grammar that we cannot understand, and so...
What amazing programs and programs are in the program and the program is popular because want us to promote one of our associations. , so we can apply for TEFL to learn how to reduc...
TEFL courses have different teaching methods for different people, including what kind of English you should teach, what kind of teaching methods you should use, and how to complete a pe...
       There is no doubt that teaching abroad is exciting and adventurous, and with a TEFL certificate you can choose whatever life teaching you want, but sometimes it can actually be a country. C...
TESOL courses have different courses for students of different ages, and TESOL has different teaching methods for different students, but no matter which teaching method is used, TESOL will...
Essentially, the time your students spend talking in the classroom should be maximized, and the time the teacher spends talking should be kept to a minimum. More time in TEFL courses requir...
The TEFL certificate is universal and internationally recognized, we have all heard about Turkey, especially Istanbul, which is the cradle of civilization and the fusion of East and West; h...
For most of us, being in the classroom is why we love our jobs. To be with our students, to work on language issues together, to help our students learn: we love teaching. Planning is anoth...
Writing in English is difficult for your students to learn, and difficult for you to teach. Usually the teacher will receive a student’s composition and don’t even know where to start to co...
There will also be assessments in TEFL classes. As a teacher, if we tell you that we want to test your English teaching knowledge, how would you feel now? nervous? embarrassment? In any cas...
You may remember tongue twisters when you were a child. You may want to know how tongue twisters are related to English classes. TEFL tells you that you may be surprised to realize ...
No matter how well prepared and experienced, sometimes things just don't go according to plan. The unprepared activities in the TEFL class are worth learning. Maybe your 20-minute activity ...
In the world of English teaching and English learning, there are many different levels that reflect the fluency of our students, from elementary to proficient. Because learners at different...
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On a more technical level, TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the term applied to the teaching of English to non-native speakers in native English speaking countries

so those who will earn degrees and work domestically in the field in the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa and US will typically use the term “TESOL.”Your TEFL journey starts here!
In practical terms, when these terms are applied to the field of teaching English abroad, there is little or no difference between “TEFL” and “TESOL.” They are both acronyms that essentially mean the same thing
TESOL优秀毕业学员培训感悟-VivianVariable teaching tools are necessary for children to learn a second language. The children know f...
        How to Teach English for Children- UlaTime flies. I finish my one week TESOL training for Children Program.From...
TESOL优秀毕业学员培训感悟-EggieWith the continuous development of the society, people pay more attention to the exploration of mor...
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