Developing self-confidence in TESOL classroom

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When it comes to a TESOL English Teaching (English second language) classroom, the first thing we should remember is that non-native English speakers are often deprived of the confidence they need to fully realize their learning potential. This is why it is important for TESOL teachers to provide them with an appropriate background, a good atmosphere and the opportunity to learn at their own pace in a class.


Psychological aspects of teaching

It goes without saying that not only students who learn a second language may be quite lack of confidence, but they may also feel particularly vulnerable when they try to put their knowledge into practice. TESOL teachers' task is to ease the tension and maintain moderation and stability. We should remember that it is possible to make necessary corrections in targeted practice, but we don't have to interrupt or correct too much in free practice. Students had better put down their fear and try to speak. Clear and enlightening instructions and guided help are sufficient when needed. We believe that this will improve students' participation and learning efficiency.


Another cornerstone of success is to constantly praise and recognize students' achievements, both in private and in front of their classmates. Confidence will collapse for various reasons. However, TESOL teachers have the ability to support students by shifting their attention from their weaknesses to their strengths.

On the other hand, it is also important to give our learners the chance to succeed. They always know something we don't know, and they are likely to explain their experience well. This is an incredible boost to their confidence. The topics that students can do well vary greatly. It depends on age, social and cultural background, hobbies, occupation, etc. Those with special talents or skills can teach their classmates to arrange different seminars or prepare oral presentations. In other words, students are not surprised to be taught and taught at the same time.

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Finally, it is concluded that when teaching students in TESOL classroom, we should pay attention to building students' confidence, encouraging them and enlightening them to conduct language experiments. Confident students believe that when they have to use their own language, they can complete their set target skills in and out of TESOL class. In addition, TESOL learners are ready to set their own goals and use English more consciously. This means that they begin to develop their internal motivation and build language confidence.

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